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Elizabeth Conan, “the perfect defense to the FBBE.”

– Avvo review

“At the moment I spoke with her for the first time I knew she was the right attorney for me.”

– Avvo review
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University of Miami School of Law Application Review

The Florida Board of Bar Examiners reviews your Miami law school application when it conducts its background investigation.

If you didn’t disclose something on your Miami Law application that should have been disclosed, the Board will want to know why, and may issue a Notice to Appear for Investigative Hearing to get the answers.

Lack of candor is an avoidable problem. To be fully candid, an applicant must give all the other sides of the story, not just their own.

For example, an arrest for shoplifting must be disclosed on the Bar application, even if charges were later dropped. An arrest also may need to be disclosed on the law school application. Getting copies of all store security reports, and relating the narrative in your answer, will help ensure a candid response to application questions.

Elizabeth Conan reviews law school applications for weaknesses and can help Florida Bar applicants correct those issues long before they become a problem with the Florida Board of Bar Examiners.

If a future Miami Law student is worried about a blemished past, Elizabeth offers solutions that could help present the law school application in the best possible light, putting the applicant closer to admission, and possibly preventing issues before they arise with the Florida Board of Bar Examiners down the line.

Miami Law Students’ Florida Bar Application Review

The ideal Florida Bar applicant can clearly and fully explain all sides of circumstances that have been identified as troublesome by the Florida Board of Bar Examiners.

Sometimes applicants don’t feel they need to be honest because they’re “technically” answering the application question. For example, maybe the misconduct happened a year or two outside of the scope of the question, leading applicant to believe that a serious incident need not be disclosed.

That’s troublesome to the Florida Board of Bar Examiners for a myriad of reasons. The bottom line is that it’s deceptive to omit information that could potentially impact the Board’s admission recommendation. If a future lawyer cannot be completely honest about themselves while filling out the Florida Bar application, how can they be trustworthy in the courtroom?

When in doubt, disclose, because the risks associated with silence are too costly.

Since 2008, Elizabeth has reviewed and strengthened hundreds of Florida Bar applications. Contact her confidentially to schedule a Florida Bar application review, before submission.

Elizabeth Conan offers pre-submission screening of Florida Bar applications, and she can offer advice that could help mitigate concerns about a negative past.

Florida Board of Bar Examiner Investigative Hearings

When the Board issues a Notice to Appear for Investigative Hearing, applicants are given an opportunity to put “red flagged” past conduct into context and explain why that conduct would no longer affect their character as a Florida attorney, if admitted.

A Florida Bar investigatory hearing also presents the opportunity for an applicant to showcase their understanding of candor and demonstrate to the Florida Board of Bar Examiners how the applicant has rehabilitated to move past their negative experiences.

While the situations listed below could call an applicant’s character into question, they don’t necessarily preclude an applicant from Florida Bar admission:

  • academic suspension, probation or other school-related discipline
  • bad credit, charge offs, bankruptcies
  • arrests, police detentions and criminal charges
  • living with mental illness and/or an addiction
  • legal claims/ brought against applicant
  • job terminations
  • drivers license suspensions

Explaining past misconduct fully and honestly at an investigative hearing demonstrates an applicant’s integrity. Applicants can use the Florida Board of Bar Examiners investigatory hearing to introduce evidence supporting personal growth and rehabilitation from prior misconduct.

Elizabeth Conan is skilled in helping law school students gain admission to The Florida Bar. She understands what evidence needs to be submitted to the Florida Board of Bar Examiners, and what the Board is looking for in amendments to the Florida Bar application.

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My experience was beyond exceptional. Ms Conan knows what she is doing, she is professional, human, kind, compassionate, and she has a high level of integrity! I’m full of gratitude with life, as I got so lucky to have as my legal counsel. Thank you, Elizabeth, for all the support and commitment at every stage of this process!

– Avvo review

Elizabeth is a role model attorney that deeply cares for her clients. I hope I do not hold the record for the longest running client of hers but I bet I am close. If you are reading these reviews most likely you are in a bad situation, and you might not even realize how bad of a situation you are in. You need someone...

– Avvo review

I want to provide the highest recommendation to anyone who needs the assistance of an attorney during the process of an investigative hearing with the Florida bar. Elizabeth Conan is truly a professional and is highly skilled in her preparation for her clients. She provided direction for me with instructions and ...

– Avvo review

I hired Elizabeth to represent me in an investigative hearing with the FBBE. At the moment I spoke with her for the first time I knew she was the right attorney for me. First of all, I contacted her in December for a hearing in March and she told me she could not take my case because she already had 7 cases for March...

– Avvo review

I'll be honest. I have been a practicing attorney for 22 years and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have issues with the Florida Board of Bar Examiners but when that certified letter came, I was devastated. I immediately called and interviewed several attorneys. All were very nice and outlined their plan of attack.

– Avvo review

Navigating the Florida Bar Admissions process was highly stressful as an individual who had "lived" before law school. I am confident I would not have had the same successful outcome had it not been for the help of Ms. Conan. She was efficient, respectful, and knowledgeable in her representation. I highly recommend ...

– Avvo review

I hired Ms. Conan to assist me with an investigative hearing before the Florida Board of Bar Examiners. She is an amazing attorney and person. She will be thorough in helping you prepare and in reviewing your history and bar application. My favorite thing about working with Ms. Conan is that she is straightforward ...

– Avvo review

First things first, if you have an investigatory hearing, do not waste any more of your time and call Ms. Conan! I thoroughly researched different attorney’s and spoke to some about my issue. However, when I spoke with Ms. Conan, it could not have been anymore clear that she was the one. I cannot speak on everyone’s ...

– Avvo review

I contacted Ms. Conan when I did not find a way to obtain my bar clearance from a previous issue I had in college. Since the first consultation, I was amazed by her expertise in the field and her patience. Ms. Conan stayed with me on the phone for an hour and was very direct on what I had to do.

– Avvo review
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