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Fundamentally, I believe in helping people during very stressful times in their lives. I work to help relieve any stress associated with uncertainty by providing answers and educating applicants about the procedural and substantial aspects of Florida Bar investigative hearings. When my applicants gain confidence with respect to navigating the Florida Bar admissions process, one of my goals as a Florida Bar admissions attorney is met.


Most of my applicants have or had issues pertaining to lack of candor, omissions and failures to report not only on their Florida Bar or law school applications, but extending to mortgage, credit and employment applications. When applicants ask about their chances of admission, I am honest and straightforward. To that end, I strive to make myself easily accessible, and to be prompt with reviewing documents and responding to inquiries.


Comprehensive hearing preparation and skilled counseling regarding rehabilitation are just two ways I strive to achieve exceptional outcomes. My firm also works to accomplish client goals by analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of negotiated consent judgments, and by offering detailed assessments regarding re-applications for Bar admission following a period of denial.


For Florida Bar applicants without a perfect background, preparing for an investigative or formal hearing before the Florida Board of Bar Examiners can be challenging mentally, physically and emotionally. It can seem overwhelming and demoralizing. My experienced legal guidance and compassion can help empower my applicants in their greatest time of need.


Hearing Tested, Hearing Ready

The Board interrogates applicants as part of its information gathering process while an application is under consideration. While it's mandated to investigate derogatory information, the Florida Board of Bar Examiners doesn't blindly accept the validity of that information.


The official position of the Board, relative to considerations of good moral character, requires the Board to view the Florida Bar applicant as a whole person, taking into account the entire life history rather than limiting its view to isolated events in an applicant's life. An appearance at a Florida Bar investigative hearing assists the Board in reaching that broader understanding, and it is imperative to be well-prepared for that appearance.


Applicants turn to my firm when the facts appear contentious or the issues seem unfavorable. I seek to mitigate the cause of the problems and develop a way for clients to move forward with confidence.


As a Florida Bar admissions defense attorney, I've developed a niche in helping applicants surmount Bar admissions obstacles and grievances, and I'm privileged to put my passion and experience to work for you.


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