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The Florida Bar governs the dissemination of client comments to protect potential clients from unjustified expectations regarding the results an attorney can achieve.


Each Bar admissions case is unique. Prospective clients should not expect the same or similar results as described in the following comments from my clients.


"Elizabeth Conan is an all-star attorney"

"I hired Elizabeth to represent me for an investigatory hearing before The Florida Board of Bar Examiners. I was having issues with my character and fitness review for not disclosing a past ticket. I did my research online and found Elizabeth. Some of her past clients had posted raving reviews about her online.


I am now one of her past clients who has nothing but amazing things to say about her. I recommend Elizabeth to anyone who has an issue with The Florida Board of Bar Examiners.


The first thing that impressed me about Elizabeth is when I was shopping for an attorney to represent me at my hearing. I called about ten attorneys. When I called Elizabeth she encouraged me to call other attorneys and find one that I was comfortable with.


As I spoke with her on the phone, I could tell that I was speaking with someone who cared about helping me. This was very comforting since I was going through one of the most stressful times of my life. After I retained Elizabeth, I did everything she advised me to do and more. I was confident that I had done everything I could have done to help my situation. This confidence was the ultimate stress reliever.


It was also extremely helpful that I was always able to reach Elizabeth and she always was prompt with reviewing my documents or questions. I appreciate her honesty and straightforwardness when I asked her questions regarding the outcome of my hearing.


I recommend Elizabeth to anyone who has a issue with getting admitted to The Florida Bar. I could not have done it without her. The preparation for my hearing was hard work but it was also mentally challenging. Elizabeth's legal guidance and her kind nature was an absolute blessing for me in my greatest time of need. I cannot thank her enough for helping me prepare for my hearing.


My case had a happy ending when I was admitted to The Florida Bar a week after my hearing. I do not think this would have been that case had I not retained Elizabeth." – Abigail


Facing a FBBE Hearing? You NEED Elizabeth Conan!!

To any Florida Bar Applicant invited to a hearing with the FBBE, or anyone without a perfect background who is considering applying to the Florida Bar -- hiring Elizabeth Conan is imperative!! Do NOT go into any hearing with the FBBE without an attorney and Elizabeth Conan is the best attorney you will find.


I hired Mrs. Conan to represent me at an investigative hearing with the FBBE. I was unfamiliar with both the procedural and substantial aspects of investigative hearings. Elizabeth was wonderful throughout the entire process from beginning to end. In addition to being incredibly knowledgeable and competent, she was extraordinarily empathetic and patient, always responding to my emails/calls quickly and endlessly soothing my fears and insecurities. She explained things to me and answered any and every question I had. Her recommendations were vital to preparing for my hearing. Elizabeth’s guidance and empathy during preparation and hearing were integral to my being able to maintain my sanity and composure during the process, especially during my hearing.


The work and amendments Elizabeth had me do prior to my hearing often seemed overwhelmingly and demoralizing, but I trusted Elizabeth knew what she was talking about and she was spot on! I did 22 amendments to my bar application (90% of which were not even an issue on my hearing notice) and spent countless hours trying to find additional information so I could provide the FBBE with more information on me than they could possibly want.


During my hearing, I spoke from my heart, relaying the information honestly and sincerely, just as Elizabeth had encouraged me to do. I was in and out of my hearing in 45 minutes, which completely surprised me and, I believe even Elizabeth. I firmly believe the reasons for my relatively short hearing and successful admission to the bar are solely due to Elizabeth and my following her recommendations.


Although Elizabeth cannot guarantee results and not everyone will be lucky enough to have a "short" hearing, I highly recommend Elizabeth for ANY matter dealing with the FBBE. Besides being incredibly thankful to have found someone who possesses a vast amount of knowledge and experience in dealing with the FBEE, I cannot thank Elizabeth enough for the patience and kindness she showed me throughout the difficult process.


On a final note, I would like to add that, when I was looking to hire an attorney for my hearing, I spoke to 4 attorneys prior to hiring Elizabeth Conan. Elizabeth was the first attorney I spoke with and the one I felt most comfortable right off the bat. In addition to my personal feeling, however, was the fact that Elizabeth had been recommended to me by (1) a law school classmate, (2) the Dean of Students at a FL law school, and (3) a high-ranking FL Judge. You cannot ask for better recommendations than that! :) - Kelley


Prospective clients should not expect the same or similar results.



"Kind, Reliable and Professional"

"Elizabeth is a GREAT attorney, I hired her for matters relating to my omissions, failure to report, lack of candor, and fiscal irresponsibility at an investigative hearing with the FBBE. I was completely unfamiliar with both the procedural and substantial aspects of investigative hearings. Elizabeth was empathetic, she always responded to my emails and phone calls in a timely manner. Her guidance during preparation was an integral part of my success. She explained things to me and answered any question I had. Her recommendations helped me prepare for my hearing, and having her sitting next to me during the hearing itself was comforting and empowering, as I could tell the panel members respect her a lot.


When I first sat down for the hearing, I became overwhelmed and we had to take a break for me to go outside and get my emotions under control. Elizabeth knew the right things to say to get me to pull myself together and find the strength to go back inside. If she were not there, I honestly don't know if I would have gone back in that room. I worked hard to prepare for that hearing, but it was under her guidance and recommendations that I was able to take the steps necessary to show the FBBE that I had the requisite character and fitness despite my troublesome background. Elizabeth has the expertise required to get you through this process, and although results are not guaranteed, I highly recommend her for any procedural hearing one may have with the FBBE. I am truly blessed to have had such a great attorney by my side, and remain grateful for the experience." – Salwa


Prospective clients should not expect the same or similar results.



" An Experienced, Professional and Zealous Advocate "

"I recommend Elizabeth Conan to anyone concerned about their admission to the Florida Bar. She understands the process and knows what the Board of Bar Examiners expects. The application process is very intimidating to those with issues in their background. Elizabeth addressed all my concerns with straightforward honest information and is very responsive even outside of normal business hours. Elizabeth is more than an excellent attorney, I believe she genuinely cares about helping her clients." - Sean


Prospective clients should not expect the same or similar results.



"Highly Recommended"

"I retained Elizabeth for assistance with a Florida Bar investigative hearing, and she is hands-down the primary reason I am now able to practice law. I was incredibly impressed by her professionalism, ethics and commitment to my case. To boot, Elizabeth is also an extremely kind and compassionate person. It was a pleasure to work with her during such a difficult and stressful time in my life, and she is the first person I would recommend for any matter involving the Florida Bar." – Vanessa


Prospective clients should not expect the same or similar results.


" Exceptional Counsel! "

"I would recommend Attorney Conan with enthusiasm to any individual in need of legal counsel, particularly as to any matters related to the Florida Bar. For me, she assisted in the preparation for an informal hearing for my Bar application. She was compassionate, patient, extremely knowledgeable, and proactive. She was always available and responsive to any questions that I had about the process, provided excellent advice and developed a plan that, thankfully, yielded a positive result. She was professional in demeanor and was an effective advocate during the course of my hearing. I am incredibly grateful to her for her legal expertise, wise counsel and encouragement through an extremely stressful process!" - Christine


Prospective clients should not expect the same or similar results.



" If You Do Not Hire Elizabeth Conan For Your Florida Bar Issues, Then You Are Making A Serious Error In Judgment "

"I hired Ms. Conan to assist me with my admission to the Florida Bar. I'd had employment issues in my youth, and Ms. Conan guided me through the entire hearing process. I'm not the easiest client with whom to deal: I expect a lot of knowledge from legal counsel, and I expect them to listen to me when I disagree with them, and to tell me if I'm off-base if I'm wrong. 


Ms. Conan is, frankly, extremely knowledgeable, personable, and reliable. If I sent her an e-mail in the early morning hours, I would often have a reply within minutes. When I (rarely) disagreed with a tactic, she'd consider my viewpoint, and if my perspective was valid, she would incorporate my position into our overall strategy, or she would explain to me why something would not work. She is highly meticulous and covers every conceivable angle that one can expect to encounter in a bar hearing. Ms. Conan more than met my expectations. 


More importantly, she acted as a legal counselor and an attorney, and I assure you this is not a common balance one finds in the legal world. She ensured I did exactly what needed to be done to accomplish my goal of being admitted to the Florida Bar, and if not for her, I don't think I would have succeeded.


If you think dealing with a stressed-out 2L is an easy task for any attorney, then you need to consider that Ms. Conan handles multitudes of them at once, yet she somehow makes you believe you are her ONLY client.


I cannot recommend Ms. Conan's services enough. I have referred not one, but several colleagues to her, and I have warned them of the perils they face if they choose not to hire this excellent attorney. 


If anyone has any questions about hiring Ms. Conan, I have asked her to provide my name and phone number as a reference." – Christopher


Prospective clients should not expect the same or similar results.



"Excellent and Successful Experience"

"I hired Ms. Conan in March of 2011. She stuck with me and guided me through my grueling Florida Bar admissions process, which took over 2 years to conclude. I was originally skeptical of hiring an attorney for this process but quickly realized that it was absolutely necessary. Thankfully I found Ms. Conan. Not only did Ms. Conan represent me through the admission process but she truly counseled me.


Ms. Conan was very knowledgeable regarding the process and honest with me at all times. I followed all of her advice and it certainly paid off as I am now a proud member of the Florida Bar, which was far from a certainty upon applying.


Ms. Conan prepared me both mentally and emotionally for my informal investigative hearing and continued to counsel me afterwards. Additionally, she was affordable and cognizant of my financial situation. We were able to come to an agreement that was fair for the both of us. At the end, her services were priceless. I sincerely appreciate all of her hard work and attention paid to my case." - Matthew


Prospective clients should not expect the same or similar results.



"The Best - Could Not have Done It Without Her Guidance"

"Elizabeth is the best attorney to have by your side in the bar application process. Without her guidance, I probably would not have been admitted. I hired her immediately after I took the bar exam, and she returned my call within an hour. She gave me precise details about what to expect. After I received the notice for a hearing, she gave me the tools to prepare my case before the Board. I followed each and every suggestion she made. Before the hearing, I felt fully prepared and confident, knowing that I had done everything possible to make my case to be admitted. During the hearing, Elizabeth was by my side and helped in my presentation. The hearing was more grueling than the bar exam, lasting for over 2 hours, and I was extensively questioned about six different issues in my past. I was honest about everything, and thanks to Elizabeth's assistance in preparation, there was nothing surprising. My case had a most positive outcome, and my only regret is that I did not hire Elizabeth to assist me with my bar application. If I had tried to do this on my own, I am certain that I would have lost my case. If you have any trouble at all in your background, then hire her as early as possible, and follow everything she advises you to do. Her assistance is invaluable!" – Cameron


Prospective clients should not expect the same or similar results.



"Extremely professional lawyer"

"Elizabeth made my experience with the Board of Bar Examiners as stress free as it could be. Her very thorough preparation left no surprises and I felt 100% confident going into my hearing that we had done all we could do. On top of all that, she is very kind and comforting in a time that stress is at an all time high. She is extremely professional and was available whenever I had questions. I would not have had the successful outcome that I did without her help." – Lindsey


Prospective clients should not expect the same or similar results.



"Very Talented, Trustworthy and Knowledgeable. A+++"

"Elizabeth is a phenomenal lawyer. I came to her with a very difficult case and completely unsure of my options. She reviewed the facts of the matter with me very methodically, and came up with a list of options for me to consider. She counseled me on the best options as she saw them, and once I decided on the path I wanted to take she backed me up 100%. I was fully prepared for the hearing, which resulted in the best of the possible outcomes. I would not hesitate to recommend Elizabeth or retain her services again if needed. Not only is she supremely talented and fully competent, she genuinely cares for her clients." - Scott


Prospective clients should not expect the same or similar results.



"Best Attorney For Dealing with the Florida Bar"

"In matters dealing with the Florida Board of Bar Examiners, Elizabeth is truly the most qualified. She is extremely diligent and knowledgeable. I felt confident and well prepared for my investigative hearing. I don't think I would have had such a successful outcome if it wasn't for her years of experience in this area of practice. I have recommended her to my classmates and will continue to do so." – Daniel


Prospective clients should not expect the same or similar results.



"Elizabeth Conan is the Best"

"I retained Elizabeth Conan to advise me with my application for admission to the Florida Bar. Three words come to mind regarding her services and performance: Simply the Best. Elizabeth is an extremely knowledgeable, personable, and thoughtful advocate vigorously representing her client's best interest. I have witnessed her uncanny presence of mind when anticipating reactions from the Florida Bar and then appropriately responding to those reactions effectively eliminating, or at least mitigating, problems before they arise.


Some attorney's are difficult to contact – not Elizabeth. Elizabeth is always responsive when I need her, either by telephone or email. In an earlier review I read that Elizabeth makes you feel like you're her only client. Not a truer statement exists.


Elizabeth is a superb lawyer! The best decision I made was to retain her counsel before filing my bar application. I couldn't imagine going it alone. Take my advice, hire Elizabeth and do what she advises you to do. You won't regret it." – Jason


Prospective clients should not expect the same or similar results.



"Anyone Seeking Admission to The Florida Bar"

"I hired Elizabeth to assist me in gaining admittance to the Florida Bar after I was set for an investigative hearing by the Board of Bar Examiners. She really helped me understand the bar application process and to realize that it is not something to take lightly. She showed me that it is a great idea to get the assistance of an experienced attorney in the area of bar admittance before you even submit your application. When I got down or felt like I would not be admitted she was always available to speak with me with words of encouragement and support. She knows what the Board of Bar Examiners is looking for when they look at your application and has many suggestions on how you can improve your application and character. By the time my case went to hearing I felt confident that she was prepared and that with her wealth of knowledge and experience I had done everything I could to gain admission to The Florida Bar. I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone seeking admission to The Florida Bar." – Brian


Prospective clients should not expect the same or similar results.



"Excellent Advocate"

"Liz Conan represented me with the Florida Board of Bar Examiners during the background approval process subsequent to passing the Florida Bar exam. I am an MD with a previous 25 year career in medicine none of which prepared me for the above referenced saga. As the approval process dragged on Liz was consulted on what to expect, when to expect it, and how to meet all the challenges put forth by the BBE. The process finally went smoothly thanks to Liz's professionalism, competence in these matters, and her regular communications and suggestions anticipating the BBE's next move or request.

I recommend Liz Conan without reservation for any applicant or attorney who must deal with the Byzantine Florida BBE." – Dennis

Prospective clients should not expect the same or similar results.



"A true expert in her area of practice and an attorney who practices a high degree of professionalism"

"I previously underwent an informal hearing with the Florida Board of Bar Examiners about some inconsistencies on my Florida Bar application. Attorney Conan pointed out the inconsistencies, and she helped me to correct them. She prepared and submitted a notebook of supporting documentation to help the Board understand the reasons behind my inconsistencies. The actual hearing was short and simple. The questionings were concise, and most questions just asked to elaborate on my reasons behind the inconsistencies. The total time of my hearing only lasted for approximately 30 minutes. It was short compared to some of the other applicants' hearings who came to their hearing without an appropriate attorney who specializes in this area of practice. I even met a bar applicant who underwent an informal hearing that was forwarded to a formal hearing. Her attorney, who did not specialize in this area of practice, treated her hearing as an adversarial trial making objections to the questions rather than providing explanations. I'm convince that her notebook and her presence in the room sped up the questioning. I would not go to an informal hearing with an attorney specializing in this field, and after researching a number of attorneys, I found that Attorney Conan had the best reviews from her former clients. I'm glad I hired the best attorney for my hearing, and I highly recommend that you do the same if you want the best results for you." – Austen


Prospective clients should not expect the same or similar results.



"I retained Elizabeth Conan to guide me through the application process. Since day one, Ms. Conan's representation has been nothing short of brilliant. She is knowledgeable, honest, hard-working, and above all, empathetic to her clients' needs and concerns. I would not hesitate to recommend Elizabeth Conan to any individual seeking admission to the Florida Bar, or to anyone with questions and/or concerns about ethics-related issues." – Daniel


Prospective clients should not expect the same or similar results.


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